Simplify commissions, elevate sales

Revelate automates commission calculations without you doing any new integrations. Save time with detailed reports and motivate your sales reps with insights on key salary drivers.

Delete your spreadsheets and generate your reports in one click.

Integrated CRM and ERP systems

Built for modern sales teams

We've carefully engineered the Revelate platform based on best practices from leading sales teams and CFOs.

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Automated calculations

Save hours of time every month by replacing your spreadsheet with our dedicated commissions calculator. Handle the most complex calculation models and scenarios with our drag-and-drop builder.

Detailed salary reports including every dollar on every deal are provided for HR, Finance and Sales.

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No integrations needed

Revelate is integrated to all major CRM and ERP systems. No data input or integrations for you! We've got you covered.

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Compelling insights

Provide sales reps with full insights into their past commissions and forecasted salaries.

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AI sales coaching

Our AI coach will nudge sales reps to take action on the deals that have the greatest impact on their salary. And on the company’s performance.

Goodbye commission spreadsheets forever

We'd love to relieve you of your spreadsheet headaches and share the benefits of using a SaaS platform instead.